I created Florriana as a way to share my passion for fragrance.

Entwined with my love of scent is my addiction to candles; to me they combine the wonderful magic of reconnecting us to our space, reminding us to stay present and thus provide a tonic for promoting our well being and mental health.

Okay, you should know that I’m an introvert and I spent most of my life with anxiety. It’s not chronic, it’s just that the rush of life doesn’t suit the way my brain is wired, (I’m fascinated by neuroscience but that’s another story)! Easily overwhelmed by the outside world I’ve often felt “drowned out” by what feels like a world full of extroverts.

When I gave up my long standing career in the frantic, colourful world of fashion and beauty, I found myself turning to nature and crystals for inspiration. My love of crystals started in my childhood. They’re just so beautiful to look at and from there a curiosity and fascination with them took seed.

Some people say they are a placebo, others that they fill your life with magic, and this intrigued me. But then it dawned on me that in the same way that watching a flame flicker is incredibly soothing so the beauty in crystals, their magnetic pull of colour and structure, their deep connection to our beautiful earth, is indeed their ‘magic’. So believer or not, you surely cannot ignore the impact of a simple but powerful concept: joy.

It started with essential oil fragrance blends that I made myself, each an expression of the crystal of choice, which I made into face and body oils before it moved on to candles. What followed were years of searching and testing for the best combination of natural wax, wick and bespoke fragrance blends with eco-friendly packaging that had a unique signature. I wanted luxury I could afford with as many natural ingredients as possible, understated, chic design and a quality, sustainable product that I would be proud enough to gift to friends and family and burn in my own home.

Although born in the UK I spend every summer on the beautiful and rustic island of Gozo. My Maltese heritage has played a big part in my life and also greatly inspired me to create Florriana Candles.

One of my earliest and most treasured memories were the wonderful aromas from my nana’s sunny garden in Gozo. She had fig trees, lemons and Mediterranean herbs growing in her small yard and the scents wafted through her traditional Gozitan house along with the warmth of love for her family.

My love of nature’s healing powers combined with yoga taught me how to be mindful and practise meditation to take good care of myself. Now, I want to share my journey with people who feel like they are not living up to their happiest potential. In my candles you will find a bliss and joy. You will feel at peace with yourself. You will feel alive.

Lou x

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