Artist Collaboration - Lee Hendrickson

Lee Hendrickson’s Photography of Crystals

Lee Hendrickson has combined his background as a research scientist with a degree in biomedical photography to create an innovative art form in the photography of crystals through a microscope.

Born in Chicago, IL, Lee began exploring the microscopic world of nature at an early age in his basement lab and after obtaining his biology degree at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, pursued a successful career as a research scientist. His continued interest in art and the microscopic realm led to an additional degree in biomedical photography where he honed his skills in macro and micro-photography.

Lee’s lifelong fascination with the synergy of art and science found an outlet in 2005 when he started his company, Side Street Photographics. Presently Arizona based, his studio/lab is an environment for constantly expanding his knowledge of crystal compounds, photographic techniques and thus the discovery of an infinite beauty hidden in the microcrystalline world.

Lee was recently named Phoenix Magazine’s “Best Artist 2020” and his beautiful and thought-provoking artwork is exhibited in private and public collections worldwide. His crystal photographs can be viewed on his website at

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